With 10 years of industry experience, Sowidoor operates in the industry on the production and applications of open-closed movable systems for all business and living areas such as home, workplace and industrial buildings.

Company Automatic door, shutters, blinds, garage doors, industrial doors, production and assembly stages for the important technical infrastructure of the consumers with an increasing level of added value provides solutions.

The products produced within Sowi Mühendislik are sent to many countries abroad, especially Turkey, and try to convey the industry culture and superiority of Turkish industry to the world in the best possible way. With the innovative and contemporary corporate culture represented by our employees, SOWI Engineering contributes to the creation of safer, more productive living and working areas, adding value to the country's economy and consumers directly and indirectly in many .

Company's basic strategy; Based on quality, diversity, innovation and technology, it is focused on providing identical products and services, with these strategies and objectives, Sowidoor has been working for 10 years depending on providing its customers with security, efficiency, energy saving, privacy and comfort. Continued decisively.